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What is the Improve Our Tulsa renewal?

Improve our Tulsa is the City’s basic streets and infrastructure program. Approved by voters in 2013, the first Improve Our Tulsa package provided $918.7 million for street and transportation projects and improvements for many areas of city services.

The Improve Our Tulsa renewal (on the November 12, 2019 ballot) is a proposed $639 million package to keep maintaining Tulsa’s streets, facilities, fleet, equipment and parks buildings. Also proposed for the renewal of Improve Our Tulsa is dedicated City funding for a Rainy Day Fund, which may serve as an insurance policy against layoffs and major impacts in city services in case of an economic downturn.

Where would the money come from to fund a renewal of Improve Our Tulsa?

Proposals include a temporary sales tax for streets, infrastructure, City equipment and facilities; a 0.05 percent permanent sales tax for a Rainy Day Fund; and property-tax financed General Obligation Bonds issued by the City of Tulsa.

If the Improve Our Tulsa renewal passes, will taxes go up?

No. The effective sales tax rate in the Tulsa city limits will remain the same – 3.65 percent (8.517 percent overall). Property taxes in Tulsa city limits will be kept stable.

How much property tax does the City of Tulsa receive and how does the City use it?

The City of Tulsa receives approximately 16 percent of property tax collected in the Tulsa city limits. Property tax received by the City is used for payment of General Obligation Bond principal and interest and for judgments issued by a court against the City.

What projects are included in the Improve Our Tulsa renewal?

A detailed list of all proposed projects and their cost can be found here.

When will we have the opportunity to vote on the Improve Our Tulsa renewal?

The Improve Our Tulsa renewal questions will be on the ballot for November 12, 2019 in the city limits of Tulsa.

How do we know that projects approved by Tulsa voters will be completed as promised?

The Sales Tax Overview Committee provides citizen oversight on projects approved by the citizens of Tulsa. The 21-member citizen committee meets monthly at City Hall and makes reports to the City Council. The committee publishes a report that is included annually in City utility statements.

Still have questions?

Ask questions and provide feedback by calling 311 or using this form.

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